Exam preparation

Our English exam preparation courses are designed to help you to get the best possible result in your chosen English exam.

You can prepare with our highly qualified English teachers for a range of English exams: IELTS, Cambridge exams – First Certificate in English and CAE, and business English exams BEC Prelims , higher and Vantage. Our experienced faculties can help you with the expertise for various areas of English tests: speaking, writing, listening, grammar and English vocabulary.

IELTS preparation

Our highly intensive IELTS preparation course focuses on all the main language skills and exam techniques you will need to give you the best possible chance of getting the score you require for the university of your choice.

Who’s it for?

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is recognised as an entrance requirement by British, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian universities and for secondary, vocational and training programmes.

This IELTS course is for you if you are planning to apply to these academic institutions or if you would just like to challenge yourself and work towards a recognised qualification in English.

At the end of the IELTS course you can expect to:

  • Achieve the best possible IELTS result
  • Be able to approach the four components (listening, reading, writing and speaking) with
    greater confidence
  • Be able to speak and write more accurately and confidently
  • Be able to use a wider range of academic and general vocabulary and grammar

CAE : Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English

Our Cambridge in Advanced English (CAE) Preparation course is designed to give you the key language skills and strategies to achieve the best possible result. The CAE certificate is an internationally recognised qualification which demonstrates your ability to use English at an advanced C1 level.

Who’s it for?

The CAE qualification is ideal to demonstrate to your employer or a higher educational institute that you are able to use English at an advanced level. The certificate is recognised as proof of your level of English in over 100 countries worldwide and can be a very useful took for your professional career and further studies.

The Benefits

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • achieve the best possible result in the CAE exam
  • handle the four papers in the exam with more confidence
  • speak and write more confidently and accurately
  • use a wider range of grammar and vocabulary